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  With Autumn forthcoming, it’s time to get into the swing of fun family activities. We invite members, their families, and friends to come to events that the Society has planned and com-mething for everyone. All are welcome to attend!

A survey form is enclosed. We’d like to hear from you as to what types of activities you feel should be priorities for the Society. Please mail back this form to the address above.

Enclosed inside this edition of the newsletter is a Member-ship brochure. We encourage our current members to use it for these important two things:

A) Recruit at least one new member for the Society.

B) Pay your 2016 dues early, before Dec. 31, 2015.**

  The Society has approximately 230 “households” participating as members. Dues will remain the same as for the 2016 year. It is through the dues money, sale of items through its “general store,” and additional monetary contributions that the Society has its “lifeblood” of income to operate. The Society is back to being totally volunteer-run. We have cut our expenses as much as possible. However, the Society has three properties to maintain and operate: the Hikes Homestead, Irving Train Station, and Stanhope School.


  We are indeed grateful for the continued support, both financially and through volunteerism, of our members. For the Society to continue its mission — to discover, preserve, and educate about our heritage, historical sites, family histories, and artifacts — we need every member to renew and to bring in at least one new member, too. Thank you for your membership and ongoing support!

** Those who pay dues early by Dec. 31, 2015, will receive a FREE 2016 Society Calendar of wonderful old photographs.


Special thanks to these volunteers & donors

of financial support,

artifact items, and their time & talents

 Mr. Brian Moyer was the liaison between the Pine Grove Borough and the Historical Society and he helped to make the arrangements to have the Fegley Mill pulleys delivered to the Historical Society property. Mr. Len Clark and three other Borough employees delivered and unloaded the pulleys at the Society’s headquarters. IMG Medical Center made sure the parking space at the walkway leading to the Society’s door was vacated on a weekday so that the Borough truck could use that space to back onto the Society property to deliver the pulleys. Our thanks to all who participated in this transfer of pulleys as historical artifacts to the Society.


  Special thanks to Alice Spayd, Joel Whitehouse, Francis DeLong, Maryanne Graham, and George Graham for the long, tedious hours they spent in reorganizing the Society’s library and collections of books and files.


David Frew has undertaken the task of mowing the lawn around the Hikes Homestead and Irving Train Station. We are very grateful for this much-needed help.

Kyle Crumrine has been mowing the grass at the Stan-hope School. We deeply appreciate his help!

Thanks to Operation Hugs & Kisses for inviting the So-ciety to participate in its Family Fun Night on Aug. 7th at H. H. & L Fire Co. It was a huge success

Stanhope School Project

Pinegrove Historical Society Purchases One-room Stanhope School

On Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 the Pinegrove Historical Society purchased the one-room Stanhope School across the street from Camp Wood Haven from Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania headquartered in Miquon, PA. The schoolhouse located at the intersection of Camp, Stanhope and Mexico Roads had outlived its useful life for the Girl Scouts and had been scheduled for demolition. The original schoolhouse was built in 1876 and destroyed during school by fire on October 22, 1923. A year later Charles Werner & Co rebuilt the school. The Pine Grove School District sold the closed one-room schoolhouse to the Berks County Girl Scout Council, the predecessor of Girl Scouts of Eastern PA Council, in an auction in 1954.

Vision - The goal of the Stanhope School Project is to bring the schoolhouse back to life. The vision is to renovate the schoolhouse and open it so the public can learn about education in that era through experiential activities. This may be the only one-room school open to the public in Schuylkill County.

Coming Soon!

Watch for a fresh coat of paint to the exterior.

A Cadette Girl Scout from Troop 31603 in Pine Grove will be directing the installation of a raised garden for her Silver Award Project.

A History major from Kutztown University will be doing a summer independent study course with the Stanhope School Project to document information about individuals who where teachers or students at the school. If you or anyone you know attended or taught in the Stanhope School, please contact Christopher Cooper at or call him at 570-294-4310 so an interview can be scheduled in May.

Plans for interior restoration of the walls and ceiling are still being worked on as volunteers with the needed skills are located. Looking for a project manager with construction/restoration experience to oversee this part of the restoration.

Volunteers Needed

Committee chairs, co-chairs and members are needed to assist in making our vision reality for the Stanhope School. There are some immediate and long term needs to fit your interests, time and location. If we can gather a great variety of individuals willing to be part of our team, Together We Achieve More!

* Building/Maintenance Committee - oversees renovations, helps with renovations, an electrician is also need

Social Media Coordinator/Committee - establishes a Facebook and Twitter presence for the Stanhope School, website updates

Documentary Committee - interview individuals who attended the school or had older siblings who attended the school and put together a documentary video and book

Education Committee - develop educational sessions for children and adults

Fund Raising Committee - organizes fundraisers, obtains grant funding

Grounds Committee - mows grass, clears snow, cleans windows, etc.

* Marketing Committee - media and press publicity, brochures

* Furnishings Committee - determines furnishings for interior - furniture, books, etc

Event Workers - willing to help at various events to promote the Stanhope School Project

Contributor - individuals willing to donate goods and supplies

* Students - If you know anyone ready to do a Girl Scout Gold Award, Boy Scout Eagle Award or High School Senior Project please have them contact Linda at


We want to acknowledge organizations that have helped the Stanhope School Project.

Girl Scouts of Eastern PA Council for helping to preserve history by selling the Stanhope School to Pinegrove Historical Society for $1 plus closing costs

Martin's Farm Market for complimentary spaces at the Labor Day weekend yard sale to help us raise money for the roof project

Memorial Contributions in memory of William Mindler by family and friends

Team Orwigsburg – for providing 430 volunteer hours to repair the roof and Bartash Signs for the use of a truck to allow workers and supplies to reach the severely damaged west side of the roof.

Attorney Rossi or Zane & Rossi – for pro bono legal document preparation to help save and preserve the schoolhouse

Werner Lumber Company and Potts & Monger Sanitation, Inc – for being community  business partners assisting with the roof repair project.

Jerri & Randy Crumbine of Century House Antiques – for volunteering to take care of the Stanhope School grounds

Bruce & Amy Boyer – for donating two school desks for use in the Stanhope School.

John Ziegler  - for continuing  to offer educational programs regarding the Stanhope School, and giving any donations from these talks to the Stanhope School Project.

                                                              Stanhope School - 2014 History

January 3 - Proposal to Girl Scouts of Eastern PA Council to save the Stanhope School

           from demolition was submitted by Linda Mills

February 27 - Pinegrove Historical Society Board does an inspection tour of the schoolhouse

April 10 - Stanhope School Program presented by John Ziegler at the Society's monthly program

July 3 - Pinegrove Historical Society Board votes to purchase the Stanhope School for $1 plus closing costs

August 6 - Pinegrove Historical Society takes ownership of Stanhope School with Linda Mills and Anne DiLorenzo co-chairs Closing costs total $2,618.15

October 9 - Saving the One-Room School Program presented by Tom Donmoyer at the Society's monthly program

October 23 - November 8 - Roof repaired with 430 volunteer hours by Team Orwigsburg at a cost of $3,381.04

The restoration of Stanhope School began October 22, 2014


Feb 22, 2014